Same day service,
the right skip at the right price

As a leading skip provider in South and West Yorkshire we can supply a full range of skips, for both domestic and commercial customers, from DIY and landscaping to clearouts and construction. Our friendly staff can help you decide what size of skip to hire, in most cases people tend to underestimate the size they need and end up hiring skips that are too small when it would have been cheaper to hire a single larger one. Continuously working towards our ‘zero to landfill’ target you can be sure as much of your waste as possible is recycled in our modern Environment Agency approved recycling centre.

With hundreds of skips available, delivered by our own satellite tracked modern fleet of trucks you can be sure we won’t let you down!


  • Skip hire in the Barnsley, Sheffield, Holmfirth and Huddersfield areas
  • Open and drop door skips available
  • Roadside permits taken care of by our friendly staff
  • Waste analysis reports available
  • Wait and load service at no extra cost (up to 30 mins)
  • Wheelbarrows available
  • Same day skip delivery and collection
  • All major credit/debit cards accepted

Bring Your Waste To Us

Our recycling centre accepts incoming trade waste from local companies, your vehicle will be weighed on our weighbridge before travelling to the appropriate area of our site to begin unloading with the help of our yard staff, you will then be re-weighed and the cost of disposal will be calculated by our office staff, simple!

Skip Hire FAQs

How much does it cost to hire a skip?

This will depend on the size and where the skip is going i.e. private property or public highway. Please call us on 01226 764567 for assistance or send us a message by clicking here.

How long can I keep the skip?

Generally about 7 days, if you require a skip longer please advise when booking.

How soon will I get a skip?

We will always do our best to deliver your skip the same day or on the day requested when booking.

Can I have a skip on the road or other council property?

Yes, but we will need to get a permit from your council for any skip not placed on privately owned land. The price varies from council to council however please note Barnsley council require a 24 hour notice period for administration so try to order in advance.

When can you deliver/collect the skip?

Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm

Other days and times can be arranged through the office staff.

How can I pay for skip hire?

You can pay securely with a credit/debit card over the phone or cash on delivery.

Do I have to be in when the skip is delivered?

If you have already paid – no. Please leave instruction for where you want the skip to be placed and we’ll do the rest. Just make sure we can get in.

What do I do when I’ve finished?

Just give us a call and we will schedule the collection of the skip.

Where can you put skips? Will they go over walls or fences?

Some skips can be placed over walls but please call us before ordering.

We still require a clear access as the skip is lifted on and off the back of a lorry.

What can’t I put in the skip?

No fridges, no freezers, no asbestos, no gas bottles, any paint cans must be empty.

Please contact us if you have any of the above items as we may be able to arrange collection for you.

Are any items charged extra?

Yes, the following are chargeable for each item. Please speak to our team for pricing:

Small Car Tyres
Single Mattresses
Double Mattresses

Will the skip damage my driveway?

No, it shouldn’t, our drivers take every care not to damage driveways but you can put something underneath such as wood or old carpet. When we collect the skip we can take this with us.

How much of my waste is recycled?

We recycle metal, wood, green waste, hardcore, soil, Very little goes to landfill.

Why can’t you put plasterboard into a skip?

In 2011, there was a change in legislation that meant that plasterboard and other gypsum products must be disposed of separately to mixed waste. This is because research showed that in a mixed waste setting, dangerous gases were emitted during decomposition. As such, plasterboard is no longer permitted in a skip with other waste, and should be disposed of separately. In most cases, your skip provider will have special plasterboard bags which can be used to ensure your plasterboard does not mix with your general waste.

What about waste carrier licences?

Skip providers are legally required to have a waste carriers licence to remove your waste. If you do not choose a provider who is licensed, you can face a fine or prosecution, both of which will cost you money.

Are there any important safety measures?

To ensure the skip is used safely, there are a few measures and rules that should be followed. Some are carried out by the skip provider and others are the responsibility of the consumer. It is important that skip hire rules and regulations are followed to ensure the public’s safety.

It is important the skip contents do not protrude outside of the skip. This could pose a hazard for both pedestrians and road users when the skip is place on a road or publicly accessible land. It is also important that skips are not overloaded, as items can be hazardous if they fall out during transit.

Cones and amber lights should surround the skip, making it more visible at night. The skip should also have reflective markers along the sides. This is the responsibility of the skip provider, and is often a requirement in order to obtain a council skip permit or license.

Skips should not be placed on pavements that block pedestrian access, in front of driveways, over manhole covers, drains, grates or obstruct other access points.

Hired skips should not be filled with waste that pose the risk of fire, explosion or present a health or environmental hazard. If you have any doubts, you should contact your skip provider.

If I hide prohibited waste in the middle of the skip, will it be found?

After your skip has been collected, all of the contents are emptied for recycling. As a result, any items that are hidden within your skip will be discovered, so it is not recommended that you attempt to hide prohibited items in the middle of your skip. If restricted items are found, you may be fined and have to pay the additional disposal costs.

You are responsible for all of the waste that is in your skip at the time of collection, so you should be mindful of unwanted waste additions from members of the public. If you are leaving your skip in a location that is easily accessible to the public, you may want to consider a lockable skip, which will keep your waste secure and prevent potentially prohibited items being added to your skip.